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Kembali Coast Davao is a residential community with great features. Besides a wide range of house units, there are family-friendly and unique features you will enjoy by residing in this property. The developer has ensured to put in the best architectural methods, and the best building technologies. This is in the planning for the spaces in the unit, and outside each unit. The developer has invested in modern features to deliver a safe, secure and fun place to live in. This comes with experience from many years of construction, having built a portfolio to cater for everyone, and all markets.

Beach front: Kembali Coast Davao property is located at the beach front. This allows residents to have a large space of beach to their disposal. This allows for multiple activities at the beach that include; jogging, walking, riding, picnics, and beach volleyball among other activities. The endless panoramic view of the ocean is a great picture to wake up to. 

Security systems: In terms of security, Kembali Coast Davao is among the safest communities in Mindanao. It is a gated community with the best house units. The property has a secure entrance gate alongside a guardhouse. There are security personnel at the gate to ensure that no authorized persons access the community. There is a lobby where visitors and enquire and wait for their hosts. When you are a visitor, you need endorsement from your host, to gain access to this community. 

Perimeter fence:. To boost security, the community has several CCTV cameras at strategic places. Each house unit has an alarm system in case of an emergency. Along the concrete roads within the community, there are street lights. These are just some of the measures taken by the developer to ensure that you invest in a safe and secure environment.

Water and drainage system: Most communities in Mindanao experience water shortage. Water availability is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a home. Kembali Coast Davao has an active water connection, guaranteeing adequate supply of clean water to every house within the community. In terms of drainage, the community has a perfect storm drainage system. It is also environmentally friendly; the community has a sewage treatment facility.

Entertainment facility: The community has several entertainment facilities. There is a clubhouse accessible to all residents. It also has an infinity pool with a deck where you can spend your leisure time. If you love sports, there is a sports activity area where you can engage in various activities. There are basketball courts, yoga meditation park and kids playground.

Bird habitat: Samal Island is a great bird habitat. When you are a lover of watching birds, you can find peace in this community. It is recorded in the Guinness book of record, to hold the largest number of bats. There are multiple species of birds that are beautiful and attractive. Most people visit this island from the mainland, take photos and watch birds. It makes this region prime for business, leisure and residential investment.

Other special amenities and facilities include;

  • Themed Garden stops
  • Barbeque grill
  • Main clubhouse
  • Sports activity area
  • Infinity pool with a pool deck
  • Yoga meditation park
  • Main Clubhouse
  • Infinity Pool with Pool Deck
  • Barbeque Grill and Outdoor Eating Area
  • Docking Area
  • Welcome Hut Cabana
  • Bird Habitat
  • Landscaped Walking and Jogging Path
  • Themed Garden Stops
  • Sports Activity Area
  • Yoga Meditation Park
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