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Kembali coast Davao is situated in Kaputian, garden city of Samal Island. This development is located near the end of the island. Davao city is only 20 minutes away when using a speed boat. The mainland is only 40 minutes away, taking a ferry cruise. This means getting to the island of Samal is not a big problem. 

The location of the island is rich in nature, since the area is filled with marine life, air creatures of land and air, including birds. The close proximity allows for the various water sports and activities. The sea water is crystal clear, thus it is very inviting. 

There are multiple nearby places, that pride places of entertainment, schools, hospitals and much more they include;

  • Kaputian district – it is located on Samal Island too. This allows a very close proximity for you to have shopping facilities and other fun activities. It is located very closely to the Kembali Coast Davao, just a few minutes’ drive away.
  • Pearl farm – the pearl farm is also located very close to the Kembali Coast Davao. It is located in Samal Island as well. 
  • Samal Island city – this is also located near to this development. There are a lot of institutions available in this city. It is located a few kilometres from Kembali development.
  • Babak wharf – this is also an establishment, on the Samal Island.
  • Davao City – Davao City is located across the Davao Gulf. It is easily accessible when using a ferry that will take a few minutes.
  • Davao boat club – from the Kembali Coast Davao, this is an establishment located only a short distance from here. 
  • Sta. Ana wharf – located across Davao Gulf.
  • Sasa roro wharf – this is also located a few minutes away, across the Davao gulf. Domestic and international sea port for various commodities, across Davao region.

This is the right place to make your investment. With an investment packed with amenities and great features. With a beachfront investment, home to beautiful creatures you will be home to vacation at all times. Watching birds, and green turtles among other creatures, on the beach will soon be your hobby and for the kids as well.

Kembali Coast Davao Location

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